Whether you’re in sport, business or the arts, our passion at Force and Grace is to transform you into ‘warriors for the working day’, with all your potential realized. No more what might have been! My privilege has been to help individuals and teams develop and be the best they can; delivering sustainable change for the better. World-class performance can take many forms. Operating at one’s limit of capacity both physically and mentally is often a path to success. It is often a by-product of health. Body and mind in perfect harmony. It occurs when the optimum balance is achieved between relentless focus and letting go. Between preparation and seizing the moment. Force and grace. Our aim is to help you reject the limitations of pressure, fear and uncertainty and to relish them. Surf the pressure. Be in the zone and out in front! We can help you to improved physical performance, nutrition, sleep, movement, and mindset. Be an inspirational legacy to those who come after you.


We offer a performance programme for individuals with a career in any high pressure environment who want to fear less and instead thrive in the motivational qualities pressure can bring. This is achieved by cultivating confidence, which in turn comes from a high-performing preparatory system. The right preparation creates the right confidence. Force and Grace develops and trains young talent ready to break through to the next level of their potential. Will you be the master of your destiny or the victim of your circumstance?


Currently, world class coaching and performance science is seen as an added luxury, reserved only for those operating at the very pinnacle of their sport or leadership career. Toto Wolf, Team Boss at Mercedes F1 said that Formula 1 is “90% the car and 10% the driver, but if you don’t have the whole of that 10%, you don’t win”. If it were all about the car, teams would stick anybody in the cockpit, but they don’t. It is that relative difference within the 10% where the exciting opportunity lies for those curious and hungry enough to look. Our Motorsport, Rugby, Corporate and Performance Coaching can sew world-class preparation into anyone with the desire and drive to achieve, adapt, evolve and grow. Whether it is physical, mental or nutritional, we have the tools at our disposal to help you evolve into the best version of yourself.


You will not rise to the occasion but fall to the level of your training. Each coaching programme Force and Grace provides is bespoke to you. We don’t stop until we’ve ensured your level is ahead of the competition and out in front. With Force and Grace, you will become your very best when situations are at their worst and teach others around you how to maintain the same sense of inner power in a pressured environment. Starting is the hardest part, but your performance in three, six, or a year’s time will thank you for it.

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Necessary effort, necessary Force are essential. As we move along the learning continuum, struggle gives way to harmony, suffering to serenity, effort to effortlessness and Force to Grace.

Adapt. Evolve. Grow.