Discover the true benefits of performance coaching. All of our packages contain Online and Face to Face sessions as standard so that you can feel connected and supported from wherever you are. 

Whether you’re in sport, business or the arts, our expertise of psychomotor skill development, blood analysis for performance nutrition, vision & biomechanics screenings will collate and use impactful data to accurately assess and understand your areas of strength, weakness and improvement. For motorsport drivers and other professional athletes, our vision screenings check the health of your eyes and ensure to identify any potential anomalies before they have a chance to develop into problems or weaknesses. 

Within psychomotor skill development, we marry the relationship between cognitive function and physical movement, allowing all sports professionals to access the heights of movement, coordination, manipulation, dexterity, grace, strength, speed. This type of performance conditioning allows Force and Grace clients to be agile, strong, quick, coordinated and most of all: Graceful.

Our performance nutrition coaching identifies and optimises all aspects of an individual’s diet, such as nutrient intake, meal planning, and hydration in order to ensure the body is at its performance peak. Within motorsport and sports coaching particularly, hydration is essential to keep cognitive ability functioning well, but this applies in both corporate and life coaching. When cognitive ability is impaired by dehydration any individual’s game can suffer the consequences. 

Meanwhile our pre and post training assessments will provide you with a thorough report both before, and after your event. These reports contain actionable goals, benchmarks and areas of improvement so that you are left with a clear, individual training plan. For racing drivers, our track observation days provide support from the crew pit area, as well as including personalised exercise regimes involving both strength, conditioning and cardio in and around the track. 

Our Developmental Coaching and Leadership Coaching ensures that self-understanding preludes any other transformation. We use a balanced approach, teaching stress and empathy, perspective, directive, confidence and the tools needed to go inside and understand strengths and weaknesses before unlocking these for a greater use. Whether a CEO, athlete, coach, or community leader, or someone making the transition from manager to leader – our ability to help you understand you will benefit each stage of your journey.

Ready to Race

  • 2 Months
  • 3x Online Sessions Per Week
  • 4x Face to Face Sessions in London
  • 1x Psychomotor Skill Development
  • 1x Pre / Post Training Assessment
  • Optional: Don Gatherer neck and / or upper limb

Ready to Win

  • 3 Months
  • 3x Online Sessions Per Week
  • 6x Face to Face Sessions in London
  • 1x Comprehensive Blood Tests
  • 1x Self-leadership Coaching
  • 1x Performance Vision Screen
  • 1x Gatherer Systems Pre & Post

Performance Management

  • 6 – 12 Month
  • Annual Physical Programme
  • Biomechanics Screening
  • Blood Biomarkers
  • Performance Vision Screening
  • 12x Developmental Coaching Sessions
  • 2x Track Observation Days


Necessary effort, necessary Force are essential. As we move along the learning continuum, struggle gives way to harmony, suffering to serenity, effort to effortlessness and Force to Grace.

Adapt. Evolve. Grow.