Force and Grace’s Motorsport performance management and consultancy includes but is not limited to; psychomotor skill development, pre and post-season physiology assessments, blood analysis for performance nutrition, vision & biomechanics screenings, and track observation days. Face to face or online personal coaching, helping groups and individuals to master their inner game to ensure higher chances of success in the outer game. Self-understanding is the prelude to this transformation.

Why coaching is needed for drivers

Motorsport Coaching is vital for drivers of all abilities. Driver performance coaching covers all areas of optimising a driver’s performance including specific strength and conditioning exercises to ensure the body is performing at its peak capacity, nutrition and hydration strategies, sleep and recovery, injury prevention and psychological well-being. This is imperative to allow drivers to repeatedly perform at their best out on track and handle the extreme variety of conditions and circumstances.


Force and Grace are unique in their approach to motorsport coaching. Our packages are inherently personalised and focused on the individual. We offer face to face training sessions as well as track observation days, so that we can be on hand for every step of the drivers journey and development. Additionally, we make sure to include a balance between mental and physical coaching, combining Leadership Coaching to uphold confidence and focus, as well as comprehensive blood and biomechanics screening for detailed analysis of the driver’s health. 


Driver Performance Management Coaching allows racing drivers to perform at their highest attainable levels over a race duration through optimising the drivers preparation and recovery both before and after stints. 

Our packages make sure to include:

Strength and Conditioning

Driver Nutrition Strategies

Driver Hydration Strategies

Sleep and Recovery

Injury Prevention

Leadership Coaching 

Biomechanical Screening

Track Observation Days

Our hydration, nutrition and recovery strategies target areas such as combating dehydration which can impair cognitive performance across a race week, nutrition to ensure the driver is performing at their optimum fitness capacity and is aiding their recovery in time for the next race, as well as recovery strategies involving sleep and nap protocols which can work to improve both mental and physical energy.

Ready to Race

  • 2 Months
  • 3x Online Sessions Per Week
  • 4x Face to Face Sessions in London
  • 1x Psychomotor Skill Development
  • 1x Pre / Post Training Assessment
  • Optional: Don Gatherer neck and / or upper limb

Ready to Win

  • 3 Months
  • 3x Online Sessions Per Week
  • 6x Face to Face Sessions in London
  • 1x Comprehensive Blood Tests
  • 1x Self-leadership Coaching
  • 1x Performance Vision Screen
  • 1x Gatherer Systems Pre & Post

Performance Management

  • 6 – 12 Month
  • Annual Physical Programme
  • Biomechanics Screening
  • Blood Biomarkers
  • Performance Vision Screening
  • 12x Developmental Coaching Sessions
  • 2x Track Observation Days


Force and Grace has experience coaching drivers across a range of different cars including Formula 1, GP Elite, Porsche Supercup and Carrera Cup Benelux. Whether a touring car driver or Formula One Driver, all areas of your driving performance can be tracked to make sure that you can adapt, evolve and grow.

With Jake’s guidance I have a framework and understanding from which to make decisions about my physical conditioning, nutrition, sleep and recovery. Arriving in the car physically sharp and confident is important to me. A large part of that is down to Jake.” – Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Racing Driver


Necessary effort, necessary Force are essential. As we move along the learning continuum, struggle gives way to harmony, suffering to serenity, effort to effortlessness and Force to Grace.

Adapt. Evolve. Grow.