Coaching Leaders

Delivering through what we call ‘coaching cycles’, a cycle contains six one-to-one (fortnightly) coaching conversations of 60 minutes each. With every session or coaching conversation, there are two key components:

  1. New seeing (insights, awareness) – these can be ah-ha moments and realisation of blind spots
  2. New doings (actions, behaviours, practices) – include ongoing practices to build the new muscles needed for the person’s development and coaching objectives.

We Help Clients With

C-suite leadership managing their state to trust decision making under pressure.
Middle management striving for promotion.
Entrepreneurs getting clarity on intentions vs attentional behaviour patterns.
Resolving team conflict using quadrants theory.

Your Benefits

Growth through expanded self-awareness.
Identify current leadership strengths and weaknesses.
Reduce meeting times and prioritise.
Space and presence of mind under pressure.
Awareness of personality structures that limit executive potential.

“Jake has helped me to develop as a dad, husband & CEO. He’s driven a better understanding of what makes me tick, what works and what to be aware of. He used body analysis trackers to dissect an issue and help analyse it from different perspectives. I look forward to him pushing me beyond my limits.”

Archie Wilkinson, CEO Lifesaver Energy

“With Jake’s guidance, I have a framework and understanding from which to make decisions about my physical conditioning, nutrition, sleep and recovery. Arriving in the car physically sharp and confident is important to me. A large part of that is down to Jake.”

Max Verstappen, F1 World Champion (2021)

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Alternatively, sign up right now, and I will send the programme outline and personality profile to complete. We can begin working together right away. The investment required is £1,200.00 per six-session cycle. The profile and pre-work questionnaire are included in the package and any other additional reading materials needed during the process.

The world of business has changed. Are you leading or following this change?

If not now, when and if not you, then who?