Which comes first?

Mindset is an established set of attitudes held by someone or a group of people. Crucially this set of attitudes can be developed to greatly enhance our daily experiences. It also can be detrimental to our daily experiences. In Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset” she examines the two basic mindsets that shape our lives. The “fixed” mindset and the “growth “mindset.

The link to performance and learning is clear to see from the diagram which is featured in the book.

I hope it is also quite clear how understanding what makes us tick will ultimately shine a light up to what will encourage us to practice a growth mindset more than slip to a fixed mindset. Occasionally we will exhibit behaviours of a fixed mindset, that would be on occasions when our typology is not exhibiting healthy behaviour. Straight away the link between a deeper self-awareness and link to improving our learning and strengthening our mindset can be seen, simply from knowing when we have slipped into unhealthy traits.

Understanding the self is going to give greater clarity to help you on your way to a healthier mindset that allows you to optimise experiences in your life. This is not to say a healthy mindset cannot be cultivated beforehand, but it will certainly help. Our Performance Coaching is designed with this in mind, to look into the self and begin all process of transformation and evolution from within. We believe that through Leadership Coaching any individual in a high pressure environment is capable of using the tools of both Fixed and and Growth mindset to help them achieve their true capabilities, whether as an athlete, leader, friend, relation, spouse or role model.

Crucially with the self-awareness, we are able to shine a light up to what holds us back. What are the movies we play in our minds, where do we get our references from? Our mindset uses up energy in processing information through our values, beliefs, memories, language and decisions. Where we invest time and emotional energy is also a factor that influences our mindset. Do the activities or individuals we spend time with take away or give back this energy. Do we analyse our behaviours or do we ruminate over our actions and words? By having more of a sense of self, we open up to the opportunity of being able to operate fully and consciously at one’s limit of capacity, both physically and mentally which encourages steps to a success mindset. Body and mind in perfect harmony is often a by-product of health and occurs when the optimum balance is achieved between relentless focus and letting go. Between preparation and seizing the moment. Force and grace. Our performance coaching aim is always to help you reject the limitations of pressure, fear and uncertainty and to relish them.

Without these, all of the following lead to the mind being “busy”. Peace of mind and calmness are the antidote. They are attributes which help strengthen our mindset towards accomplishing what needs to be done and allow us to be present in the moment. Once here and only then can we be in a position to truly optimise experience and operate in a potential flow state. I shall talk more about flow states in a future post.

Yours with Force and Grace,